The “No-Frills” Olive Oil Sales Page That You’ll be Quoting from for Years

Gary Bencivenga has been called the world’s greatest living copywriter, even by people who could also be called the same!

He’s written some of the most successful ads and sales letters in human history, from the famous “Do you make these mistakes in job interviews?” ad, as well as massive hits like “The Greatest Ham I’ve Ever Tasted!” and many, many more.

But nothing beats the online sales letter he wrote for the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club.


Because everything I know about olive oil I learned from this ad.

For example, did you know that:

  • Olive oil doesn’t age like wine. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The longer that olive sits after it’s been made, the more it ages, the worse it will look and taste. This process begins just 3–6 months after production!
  • Many olive oil producers throw “harvest parties” to celebrate a great new crop.
  • Very little of the olive oil sold in North America is well past the “fresh-pressed” date, which is why most oil sold in stores here don’t even include the production date.
  • And much more great stuff!

I still bring up these facts and more if the topic comes up when I’m speaking with new friends at a party.

And that it still sticks in my mind is a testament to Gary Bencivenga’s copywriting and marketing genius. (And even though I originally dug up the promo for studying purposes, I found it so convincing that I would have bought a subscription if the company shipped to my country. Talk about persuasive!)

Lesson: Not all of your ads and sales letters will resonate so much with your prospects and customers that they will be quoting it years later but your prospect should get some free value that comes just from reading or watching the ad. And you can make them much more valuable by (strategically) cramming them with interesting and entertaining (infotaining) content that your market cares about, which will mean more and bigger paydays for you!

This value might come in the form of useful information, a free tip to solve some kind of problem in your prospect’s life, validating a deeply held belief he has, an entertaining story, or whatever else that works — giving your ad much more credibility than it would have otherwise and making the sale much more likely than it would have been otherwise.

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Direct response fundraising copywriter for libertarian and pro-freedom nonprofit organizations

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David Lowenthal

Direct response fundraising copywriter for libertarian and pro-freedom nonprofit organizations